Sunaina Patel, Who Continued Duty In Naxal Area during pregnancy, Gives Birth To A daughter

In Naxal hit area Dantewada, Chattisgarh, There is a female commando Sunaina Patel, who is the biggest example of women empowerment. She has so much passion for her work that she went to naxal operation during her pregnancy. Even after becoming pregnant, Sunaina did not leave her work, but did more work during pregnancy.

Yesterday, commando Sunaina Patel gave birth to a daughter.

Sunaina Patel has been involved in Naxal operation by walking many kilometers on foot, crossing rivers, forests, mountains hanging rifle on her shoulders. 

When Sunaina was 8-month-old pregnant then she said that she had become pregnant about a month after the DRG(District Reserve Guard) team was formed. She did not inform the authorities about her pregnancy because she wanted to go on a Naxal operation. If the officials were informed of her pregnancy, then they could have been prevented her from going on a Naxal operation. Sunaina said that after about six and a half months, the officials were informed about her pregnancy.

 In May 2019, a team of women DRGs was formed, consisting of women policemen and surrender Naxalites. It also includes female policeman Sunaina. Dantewada is the only district in the state which has a team of women DRGs who go to the jungles for Naxal operation. 

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