Tablighi Jamaat Members Defecate In Front Of Narela Quarantine Centre Room

Tabligi Jamaat members are now harassing the medical staff at the Quarantine Center. An FIR has been lodged by the Quarantine Center in Narela, Delhi, in which two people of Tablighi Jamaat are named. Both are accused of allegedly defecating in front of a room at a quarantine centre in Narela.

According to the police FIR, the incident took place on April 4. The accused men are residents of Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh and have attended the religious congregation held last month at Nizamuddin. They are currently housed in the Narela quarantine Center. 

“A sanitation worker and the House Keeping Supervisor reported the incident. The persons residing in the room are the suspects for the act, they did not follow the instructions of the health department and government to prevent the spread of the virus. The men put the life of others at risk by jeopardising the entire containment measure,” The FIR stated.

The complaint states that during sanitisation on April 4, the staff said that some people had defecated outside room number 212. The FIR names two people living in the room. This includes Mohammad Fahd (25 years) and Zaheer (18 years). Both of them are not even accepting the advice of the medical staff due to which the rest are also at risk.

According to the police, on March 31, a large number of Jamaatis were evacuated from Markaz, located in Nizamuddin and brought to different quarantine centers. These people have been asked to remain quarantine as suspected of Corona. But these people are constantly harassing staff in one way or the other.

Army is handling Narela Quarantine centre

The Narela Isolation Camp is now being handled by the Indian Army. This is the first isolation camp, where the help of army doctors was sought. Till Sunday, a total of 4 doctors, 8 nursing staff and security staff of the Indian Army were present in the Narela isolation camp. It was decided on Monday morning that the medical team of the Indian Army will now handle the entire camp. After this, the number of army doctors has started increasing. A total of 80 army personnel are being sent to Narela Isolation Camp. More than 1200 Corona suspects are housed in Narela Camp. 

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