MA Student Tania Parvin, Member Of Islamic Terrorist Organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba Arrested In Basirhat, West Bengal

The Kolkata police STF has arrested a college student from Bashirhat on Thursday on suspicion of being a handler for the Islamic terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). The arrested girl name is Tania Parvin. 

Kolkata Police Special Task Force has arrested Tania Parvin from her house in Baduria on Thursday morning. Tania was taken to the ACJM court in Basirhat on that day. The judge sent her in police custody for six days.

Tania Parvin is a student of MA first-year of a popular college in Kolkata. She is 21 years old and she studies Arabic in college. According to local people, She is known as a good girl in locality who had always scored more than 80% in Madrasa.

According to Police sources, Tania Parvin has been associated with the banned terrorist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba for at least two years. She used to provoke the Muslims of the area in various ways. 

Police says that the Lashkar terrorists have a WhatsApp group on which information of tasks and recruitment were shared and Tania Parvin was a member of that group. 

According to police sources, Financial condition of Tania’s family is not good. But, according to Tania’s mobile call records, the police have learned that she used to make lots of international calls every month. Naturally, it is not possible for Tanya or her family to carry out such expenses. Hence the police believe that terror group LeT used to send her the huge amounts of money for her work. Tanya also visited Delhi, Kashmir and Mumbai several times.

After investigation, The Home Ministry found Tania Parvin connections in terror funding. The Home Minister then contacted the Special Task Force of the Kolkata Police. After confirming the matter, the task force launched a raid on Thursday morning. Then Tania Parvin was arrested from her home on Thursday morning.

According to Times of India report, Inspector general (IG) of STF, Ajay Nanda said, “We have found certain suspicious evidence against her but we cannot share the details at present. We are scanning her diary and phone records for further insight into the case.”

Tania Pravin is accused of spreading communal hate and provoking Muslims through her speeches at several locations in West Bengal.


Tania Parvin used to pass off confidential info to terror groups by honey-trapping Indian Army personnel. She studies Arabic in an university in Kolkata. She has been sent to NIA custody on 12 June.

She was running several whatsapp groups registered on a Pakistani number & was reportedly in touch with other Lashkar-e-taiba terrorists in Pakistan. She knows various languages like Hindi, Bengali, English, Urdu, Arabic and Kashmiri.

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