Terrorists are facing shortage of arms in Jammu-Kashmir

Terrorists are facing trouble due to the lack of weapons in the Kashmir Valley at this time. It is difficult for them to carry out any attack due to lack of weapons. Due to this disturbance terrorists are carrying out the robbery of weapons.

This is due to increasing pressure of Operation All Out and monitoring on the LoC has increased so much that intrusion is getting almost equal to zero. If the infiltration of terrorists happen then they are not able to carry weapons at the time of infiltration. This is the reason why active terrorists in the valley have shortage of weapons.

The security forces believe that terrorists are looking for soft targets due to this lack of weapons. Private security personnel of VIP and protected people are targeted. Terrorists try to rob their weapons to fulfill their shortage of weapons.

IGP of CRPF Ravidip Sahi said, “The operation is going on, the security forces have complete control over the situation and there is no intrusion, due to which there is a shortage of arms. Terrorists are looking for soft targets due to the fear, hence The terrorists are trying to target VIP who have guards with weapons and That’s why some constable are being robbed “

The security forces are taking steps to curb their actions so that the terrorists can be completely helpless. For this, there have been several meetings between all VIPs and protected people and the security wing and intelligence wing. VIPs and those protected people have been told to keep information about each of their movements to the nearest police station or security camps.

According to official statistics, the number of weapons robbed in the last two years is 74 including 17 AK-47 rifles, 23 SLRs and 14 INSAS rifles. Significantly, 271 terrorists have been killed in Operation All Out in year 2018.

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