The first Hindu MP of Indian origin can contest for US president in 2020

Indian-origin American MP Tulsi Gabbard is planning to contest the presidential election in 2020. This claim has been done by her closest sources. Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat MP in the House of Representatives from the state of Hawaii from 2013. She is also the first Hindu to make the place in the American Parliament. It is believed that their claim can be decided after Christmas. However, considering the conditions, Tulsi Gabbard may take up to one year in its official declaration.

During the introduction of Tulsi Gabbard’s program on Friday in Los Angeles, A doctor of Indian origin, Sampat Shivangi, describing her as the presidential candidate in 2020. On this, the audience gave the applause for a long time. However, Tulsi Gabbard herself did not make any statement on the candidature for the presidential post.

Meanwhile it has claimed that Tulsi Gabbard and her team have already begun to arrive as voters and potential candidates for the presidency between donors. Indian-Americans are being targeted mainly in their campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard is already popular among American citizens of Indian origin. The Indian-Americans group is considered as the most influential and wealthy group in the country after Jewish Americans. For this reason, she has been consistently winning the 50th state of Hawaii from the US.

Four times MP Tulsi Gabbard is a big supporter of India’s relations. She is currently a member of the House’s powerful Armed Services Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. When Modi went to US after becoming PM, Tulsi Gabbard had met him. She is also very impressed with the views of PM Modi.

Tulsi Gabbard was born in a Catholic family in Samoa, USA. Her mother is Caucasian Hindus. This is why Tulsi Gabard has been a follower of Hindu religion since the beginning. If GABARD declares her candidacy for the presidency, then she will be the first Hindu candidate to emerge for the White House on behalf of a large political party. 

Took Oath on Bhagwad Geeta

Dr. Shivangi herself is a Republican leader who has named Tulsi as the presidential candidate in the program on Friday. However, for the first time in 2012, she raised funds to contest Tulsi elections. After becoming a lawmaker, Tulsi Gabbard was the first MP, who had taken oath in the name of Bhagwad Geeta.

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