The Hindu newspaper publishes false news against RAFALE deal

As we know that The Hindu Newspaper is one of the reputed newspapers of India but nowadays The Hindu is loosing its credibility because of false report in favour of congress party. The Hindu Chairman N. Ram who has published false report against RAFALE deal.

N. Ram (Chairman of The Hindu)
N. Ram (Chairman of The Hindu)

The Hindu report says, “Defence Ministry protested against PMO undermining Rafale negotiations”

Above report is cleverly published by cropping the reply of defence minister. The Hindu published the report, in which only Defence secretary reply added by cropping the image.

The ANI accesses the then Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s reply to MoD dissent note on Rafale negotiations.“It appears PMO and French President office are monitoring the progress of the issue which was an outcome of the summit meeting. Para 5 appears to be an over reaction”

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Parliament Today, “It was incumbent on the newspaper, the Hindu to put the reply of then Raksha Mantri Shri Parrikar on record too in its story but they omitted it.”

Now it is clear that The Hindu has published false report by cropping the image and this report is written by The Hindu Newspaper chairman N. Ram.

After this false report of The Hindu, Suddenly Rahul Gandhi did a press conference and alleged Pm Modi in Rafale scam and said, “Pm is Thief”

Rahul Gandhi’s statement in Today conference after The Hindu Report

Today’s The Hindu newspaper report makes it crystal clear that the Prime Minister is conducting parallel negotiaitions. I appeal to the youth of this nation. PM has stolen Rs. 30,000 cr of your money, bypassed the process and has given money to his friend. We have been calling for a JPC in this regard.

It’s an open and shut case, President Hollande had said that PM has suggested the name of Anil Ambani. My friends in the Air Force… this money could have been used for your safety, or could have been used for your families. When an officer (Defence Ministry officials who wrote the note) puts such a thing on a piece of paper, he is doing it for a reason, he is saying that the PMO has bypassed us. PM is a representative of Anil Ambani.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said, “A newspaper published a file noting written by Defence Secretary, If a newspaper publishes a noting then the ethics of journalism will demand that the newspaper publishes the then Defence Minister’s reply as well. “

Few days ago, The Hindu Chairman N. Ram had also Published a false report against Rafale deal. The Hindu is loosing its credibility because of such types of false report. Now It is clear that Chairman of The Hindu N. Ram is publishing such type of one sided report for benefiting some political party.

watch this video to know about The Hindu chairman N. Ram inclination towards political party.

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