‘The Telegraph’ publishes False News report about CRPF

India’s leading news paper ‘The Telegraph’ has published a false report about CRPF’s ration allowance where It claims that Government has cut the ‘Ration allowance’ of 3 lakhs CRPF troops.

According to The Telegraph report, CRPF personnel are set to be starved of their monthly “ration allowance”, apparently because of a cash crunch triggered by the economic crisis that the government denies.

The Telegraph journalist Imran Ahmed Siddiqui has published this report where he claimed, “Govt has stopped monthly ration money to its 3 lakh personnel as the force has no fund. It says home ministry has not released fund.”

After this report of The Telegraph, CRPF India responded and clarified that Report published in The Telegraph was a False news. No such decision is taken by govt of India.

Ministry of Home Affairs has also responded regarding this report and clarified it as a false news. According to Ministry of Home Affairs, On 12.7.2019 ,Rs 22,144 per head Ration money (arrears )was paid to around 2 lakh CRPF personnel who are drawing RMA(Ration Money Arrears).

MHA further stated, ” In this way CRPF troops have already received an amount Rs Rs 22,144 as Ration money in July which is equivalent to 6 months RMA (at present rates) and thus they have sufficient funds for messing. Hence the contention that jawans have run out of ration money is baseless and preposterous and there is no crisis whatsoever. “

MHA also said that The Ration Money Arrears (RMA) for September would also be paid shortly to CRPF troops.

So the report published in The Telegraph about cutting of CRPF’s Ration Money Arrears (RMA) is totally a false news.

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