Trump Stops US Funding To WHO

US President Donald Trump, in a major decision, on Wednesday indefinitely stopped the funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump alleged that the WHO has been in favour of China in the case of Coronavirus which has caused a lot of damage to Western countries including the US. The United Nations (UN) has also reacted to this decision of Trump saying that this is not the right time for this dispute.

Trump said at the press conference that he is ordering his administration to stop funding to WHO. The WHO did not maintain transparency about the coronavirus. The United States, which is the largest contributor for this WHO institution, will now halt the funding. 

Trump said that the US funds WHO $ 400-500 million (about 3,000 crores rupees) every year, while China contributes 40 million dollars (about 300 crores rupees).

Trump said the WHO failed to meet its duty regarding Corona. He alleged that when the virus spread in China, the WHO tried to hide it and should be held accountable for it. Earlier, Trump also accused the WHO of favouring China.

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