Tulsi Gabbard- A first Hindu in US congress is going to contest for US president in 2020

The first Hindu MP of America, Tulsi Gabbard wants to become a candidate from the Democratic Party in the presidential election of 2020. It has been officially announced by Tulsi Gabbard.  Tulsi Gabbard has been Democrat MP of House of Representatives from Hawai State of America since 2013. If Tulsi Gabbard is elected for Democrats candidate against Trump and win elections then she will be the youngest and first woman president of America. She will be America’s first non-Christian and the first Hindu president.

Tulsi Gabbard said in an interview to a news channel, “I have decided to present my candidacy in the presidential election and can announce it next week.”

She has already launched her official website “Tulsi2020

Official website of Tulsi Gabbard

37 years old Tulsi Gabbard is a Democrat MP from Hawaii four times. She has been won by record votes every time. Before coming to politics, she had been stationed in Iraq for 12 months by the US military.

However, to become the candidate, Tulsi will have to win in the primary elections, where she will be fighting with at least 12 MPs of the Democratic Party. Prior to that, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has also offered the claim. Indian-origin Kamala Harris (54) is also in the race to become a Presidential candidate. Kamala Harris is considered as more powerful in party than Tulsi Gabbard. Kamala Harris is a Christian. His mother was Tamil

Tulsi Gabbard is already popular among American citizens of Indian origin. The Indian-Americans group is considered as the most influential and wealthy group in the country after Jewish Americans. For this reason, she has been consistently winning the 50th state of Hawaii from the US.

Four times MP Tulsi Gabbard is a big supporter of India’s relations. She is currently a member of the House’s powerful Armed Services Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. When Modi went to US after becoming PM, Tulsi Gabbard had met him. She is also very impressed with the views of PM Modi.

Tulsi Gabbard was born in a Catholic family in Samoa, USA. Her mother is Caucasian Hindus. This is why Tulsi Gabard has been a follower of Hindu religion since the beginning. If GABARD declares her candidacy for the presidency, then she will be the first Hindu candidate to emerge for the White House on behalf of a large political party. 

Took Oath on Bhagwad Geeta

Dr. Shivangi herself is a Republican leader who has named Tulsi as the presidential candidate in the program on Friday. However, for the first time in 2012, she raised funds to contest Tulsi elections. After becoming a lawmaker, Tulsi Gabbard was the first MP, who had taken oath in the name of Bhagwad Geeta.

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