Turkey Conspiring To Spread Hatred Among Indian Muslims, Intelligence Agencies Warn

Intelligence agencies have sent a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs, stating that the Jehadi Islamic organisations of Turkey are plotting to spread hatred in India. The report said that Turkish Islamic organizations are provoking clerics and Islamist people in India, saying that Muslims in India are not safe and they are threatened by Hindus.

In the last few months, many clerics and people from Islam have been invited to Turkey. They are also being given many courses related to Sharia. During these courses, they are also being told that India is not safe for them.

Taking this input from intelligence agencies seriously, the government has asked to keep a close watch on all such organizations associated with Turkey, which are plotting to spread hatred in India.

Organisation like ‘Turkey Diyanet Foundation’ invites clerics and Islamist people from countries like India and Nepal to Turkey. Turkey Diyanet Foundation is a wing of the Turkish Government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the joint session of the Parliament of Pakistan on Friday. During this, he also said that Kashmir is as important for Pakistan as it is for Turkey.

Turkey is consistently taking an aggressive stand against India. Recently, the Turkish President, who was in Pakistan, had raised the issue of Kashmir despite India’s objections and while spewing venom against India, he said that Turkey would support Pakistan Kashmir matter.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who went to Pakistan on a two-day tour, said in Pakistan’s parliament that Turkey would support Pakistan’s efforts to get out of the FATF grey list in Paris this week.

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