Twitter Shows Jammu & Kashmir As Part Of China

Social Media website Twitter showed Jammu and Kashmir as part of People’s Republic of China in the timelines.

The matter was raised by Nitin A. Gokhle, a senior defence journalist after Twitter showed J&K as a part of China during live broadcast.

Nitin Gokhle put another location of Leh’s Kushak Bakula Airport and Twitter was still showing his location as “Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Republic of China”.

This matter was also raised Kanchan Gupta, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) after twitter showed J&K as a part of China.

Other Twitter users also responded to Gokhale’s tweet. He also said that the same type of location is showing them as well. Even before this, Twitter has done this kind of action. In 2012, there was a complaint that Twitter is describing Jammu and Kashmir as part of the People’s Republic of China. Twitter officials called it a technical flaw and said it would be rectified soon.

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