Twitter War Between US Navy & Chinese Govt Mouthpiece Global Times

US Navy has sent two aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz into the South China Sea as part of one of the largest naval exercises in recent years. These two aircraft carriers will conduct naval exercises in the South China Sea.

After this news, Chinese govt mouthpiece Global Times threatened US Navy and said, “China has a wide selection of anti-aircraft carrier weapons like DF-21D and DF-26 missiles. South China Sea is fully within grasp of the PLA; any US aircraft carrier movement in the region is at the pleasure of PLA.”

Responding to this threat of Global Times, U.S. Navy’s Chief of Information took a dig at the Chinese mouthpiece Global Times and replied, “And yet, there they are. Two US Navy aircraft carriers operating in the international waters of the South China Sea. USS Nimitz & USS Ronald Reagan are not intimidated #AtOurDiscretion “

US Navy has already deployed its two aircraft carriers into the South China sea. US Navy is conducting dual carrier operations and exercises in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific.

These two aircraft carriers, known worldwide as a symbol of USA’s military strength. The US Navy is giving a strong message to Chinese aggression by conducting exercises. The Chinese Navy is also conducting military exercises in the contested waterway

Actually, China claims the 90% of the South China Sea which is important for the global trade as nearly USD 3 trillion worth of trade passes through this route.

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