Two Indian Officials Of Indian High Commission In Pakistan Are Missing

Two Indian officials have been reported missing in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. According to sources, two officials of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan have been missing since 8:30am in Islamabad, Pakistan. Search is going on. The matter has been raised in front of the responsible officials of Pakistan.

One vehicle with two CISF drivers had gone out on regular duty and did not reach destination. It is feared that They may have been kidnapped somewhere. Drivers are being searched. Also, the Pakistan government has been informed about the disappearance.

Before this incident, An attempt was made to intimidate an Indian diplomat in Islamabad. The ISI agent followed the Indian diplomat. India had expressed strong opposition to this matter.

A case of harassment of top Indian diplomat Gaurav Ahluwalia posted in Islamabad came to light. Efforts were also being made to intimidate Gaurav Ahluwalia by Pakistani ISI. Gaurav Ahluwalia was also chased by bike.

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