UAE Stops Issuing Visas To Citizens Of 13 Muslim-Majority Countries Including Pakistan

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stopped issuing visas to citizens of 13 countries including Pakistan. Most of these countries are Muslim-majority nations.

According to Reuters report, the UAE state-owned Business Park issued a document which was sent to the companies operating in the park, cited an immigration circular that came into effect on Nov. 18.

According to the issued document, the applications of citizens of 13 countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen applying for new employment and travel visas have been rejected. The ban will also apply to citizens of Algeria, Kenya, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia and Turkey.

According to sources, the UAE has temporarily stopped issuing new visas to citizens of Afghan, Pakistan and many other countries due to security concerns.

The decision has come after recent improvements in UAE-Israel relations. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed on a plan that will allow Israelis to visit UAE without any visa.

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