UAE’s 700 crore help for Kerala might be Rejected by India

India might be rejected the aid of Rs. 700 crore for the flood victims of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). the UAE announced its help on Tuesday To help the badly affected Kerala.

In some media reports, the government sources said that the government will not accept any help from foreign countries. According to reports, the government has decided that they will deal with this disaster at the domestic level. The decision to not accept foreign aid has not happened for the first time. During the Kedarnath disaster of 2013, the UPA government also refused to accept foreign aid. Since 2004, India has refused relief aid from many countries including Russia, United States and Japan for devastating natural disasters across Uttarakhand (2013-floods) and Kashmir (2005-earthquake, and 2014-floods). As a growing economic power India believes that it has capabilities to manage flood like situations and More than receiver India always play role as Donar. India has proved its credentials by donationg Haiti ($5 million after the 2010 earthquake) and Pakistan ($25 million following the 2005 earthquake) in the recent past.

So what has Central Govt done for kerala till now?

PM Modi Urgently gave 500cr this is extra to the amount 100cr sanctioned by indian home minister and 320 crores from National Disaster Relief Fund. A total of 920 crores. Those who lost life due to this calamity surviving family member will be paid 2lacs each by central government. Those who injured due to this calamity will be paid 50000rs as cash from centre. Those highways who got damaged due to floods already informed national highway authority to build fast again. To solve the power issue facing due to this calamity NTPC will soon visit Kerala and do necessary help.

Those who suffered agricultural loss under *Fasal Bhima Yojana* insurance will take care. Those who lost house will be paid to build new houses under PMAY scheme and centre will give direct cash to bank account of the flood suffered public of Kerala.

Defense Minister said that  300ton of food products already on way from Bglr,HYBD,LUD by airforce team. 800 tonne pure drinking water already despatched with navy with INS Deepak from Mumbai port on way to Kerala. With over 40 boats NDRF already started from Vijayawada,Pine and Arkonam and railway is also sending help via its transportation medium.

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