UNSC rejected Pakistan & China demand to intervene in Kashmir issue

On the letter of Pakistan, China has raised the issue of Kashmir in UNSC. A meeting was held in a closed room on Friday at the behest of China. The meeting, which started at 7:30 pm, continued till about 9 pm. A total of 73 minutes of discussion was held on this issue in this meeting. Russia had already supported the India before the meeting.

Russia’s Permanent Representative in the UN Demitri Polinsky said, “the UNSC cannot play any role in resolving the Kashmir issue. He said, if this issue is resolved then it will be resolved only with mutual talks between India and Pakistan.”

He further said, “Russia has always had the same attitude on this issue. we have no hidden agenda on this issue. We have good relations with both countries. In such a situation, we want this issue to be resolved by both these countries.”

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India envoy to UN, Syed Akbaruddin said, “Matter related to Article 370 entirely an internal matter of India; this have no external ramifications”

Syed Akbaruddin also said that the Indian government’s decision was intended to promote good governance & development in J&K.

He Further said, ” These have no external ramifications, the recent decisions taken by the Govt of India and our legislative bodies are intended to ensure that good governance is promoted, social-economic development is enhanced for our people in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.”

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