UP Police asks people to “go to Pakistan” who shout Pro Pak Slogans

A video of Meerut has become viral on social media which is being reported on Friday 20 December. In the video, Meerut City SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh is seen threatening the protesters saying, “Go to Pakistan if you don’t want to live here. Khaoge Yahan ka, gaoge kahin aur ka”.

This video is being told of the Lisadi Gate area of ​​Meerut where protesters pelted stone and fired at Police cops. SP Akhilesh Narayan and ADM of Meerut had gone to visit the same place with some cops. 

Watch The Video:

In this video, SP City and ADM are also saying that by tying black, yellow cloth, you are creating more ruckus. ADM are also saying that they(Protesters) are fond of more black clothes, it will take seconds and everything will turn black here, the whole life will turn black.

After the video went viral, The top police officers have clarified this statement, calling it SP’s natural anger. Police says that some boys, who were wearing black clothes, were constantly throwing stones and firing at the police, shouting slogans in support of Pakistan. Chasing them, SP City Meerut and ADM along with the entire team had reached that street and then the officers were generally angry on them.

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