US Military releases the video of raid on Baghdadi in Syria

US military has released the video footage of US military raid on ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi in Syria. US military Central Command’s commander Gen Frank McKenzie also briefed the details about the operation of US force on Baghdadi’s compound in Idlib province in Northwest Syria.

“Here we see the object of the assault-the compound where Baghdadi was hiding. As I noted earlier, this isolated compound was in Idlib province in Northwest Syria” – Gen Frank McKenzie Commander of US Central Command.

“The mission was a difficult, complex, and precise raid that was executed with the highest level of professionalism, and in the finest tradition of the U.S. military,” said Gen. Frank McKenzie Jr., Commander of US Central Command.

Video of Compound Strike where US forces destroyed the compound with Remotely Piloted Aircraft :

Video footage of precise Air Strike by US military in Syria:

2nd Video of Compound Strike:

Footage of Burning compound of Al-Baghdadi:

“The individuals who planned and conducted this mission are quiet professionals, focused on their mission above glory or recognition. Committed people did hard, risky work, and they did it well,” said Gen. Frank McKenzie Jr., Commander of US Central Command.

“The [DNA] analysis showed a direct match between the samples and produced a level of certainty that remains belonged to Baghdadi,” said Gen Frank McKenzie CDR USCENTCOM.

Baghdadi’s remains were buried at sea in accordance with the Law of Armed conflict within 24 hours of his death.

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