USA Vs Iran: Comparison of Military Strengths

Global Fire Power, an international agency that assesses the military capability of more than 100 countries in the world. According to the 2018 Global Fire Power Index, USA is more powerful than Iran..


According to Global Fire Power Index, USA is the most powerful nation in the World while Iran is the 14th most powerful nation in the World.



According to 2018 Global Fire Power report, USA has 21.42 lakh military troops. There are 12.82 lakh active soldiers. USA has reserve military force of 8.60 lakh while Iran has a total military force of just 8.73 lakh. There are 5.23 lakhs active soldiers in it. At the same time, Iran has reserve military force 3.50 lakh.

Air Force

According to Global Fire power report, USA has more aircraft than Iran. USA has 13,398 Aircrafts while the Iran has only 509 Aircrafts. These Aircrafts include Fighter Aircraft, Attack Aircraft, Transport Aircraft, Trainer Aircraft, Helicopters and Attack helicopters.

Toatal Aircrafts13,398509
Fighter Aircrafts2362142
Attack Aircrafts2831165
Transport Aircrafts115389
Trainer Aircrafts2853104
Attack helicopters97112


According to Global Fire Power report, The US Navy has a total of 415 ships and submarines while Iran has a total of 398 Ships and submarines.

Naval AssetsUSAIRAN
Total Naval Assets415398
Aircraft Carriers240
Patrol Craft1388
Mine Warfare Craft113


The US Army has many times more war tanks and guns than Iran.

Army AssetsUSAIRAN
Armored Fighting Vehicles39,2232,345
Self Propelled Artillery992570
Towed Artillery8642128
Rocket Projectors1,0561,900

Defence Budget

According to Global Fire Power Index, Defence Budget of USA is nearly two times more than the Iran’s total GDP. Total GDP of Iran is $440 Billions while Defence Budget of USA is $716 Billions.

Defence Budget($ in Billion)7166
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