Uttar Pradesh Police issues notice to Rioters in Meerut to recover Rs 40 lakhs for the damage

The UP administration is constantly sending notices to the people to pay for the losses occurred during the protest against the citizenship law. The administration has so far identified 148 people for the damage caused during the protests in Meerut. The administration has given notice to recover Rs 40 lakh from them.

The administration estimates that last Friday there was a loss of Rs 40 lakh of government property in the agitation of protesters. In Rampur, UP, the administration has sent notices to about two dozen people and asked them to pay Rs 14 lakh for damage to government property.

Meerut District Magistrate Anil Dhingra said that there were 148 people who had been issued notices by identifying them. They will compensate for the loss of personal and government property. He said that the loss of about 40 lakhs has been assessed by the district administration.

Protesters set 4 motorcycles and a police jeep on fire during a protest against the CAA on 21 December in Rampur. The court of ADM Finance of Rampur has issued notice to more than 2 dozen people for recovery of Rs 14,86,500. The Rampur Police has assessed the loss of about Rs 20 to 25 lakh.

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