Video: Pakistan’s dream of 2025, Pakistan cricket team playing in Srinagar & Virat Kohli playing in Pakistan team

People of Pakistan are dreaming that They will capture whole India in 2025 and Viral Kohli will play for Pakistani team in year 2025. A video in Pakistan is becoming viral where they are showing that whole India will become Pakistan in 2025.

In that video, Pakistan team is playing with England in T20 world cup final in Srinagar Cricket Stadium where Viral Kohli is being shown as a Pakistani player playing against England as opening batsman.

Pakistani has made this video to celebrate Pakistani defence day on 6th September where they have shown changing of India’s map into Pakistan.

Actually, Pakistani people are always misguided by their politicians & Pakistani Army. Pakistan Army & Politicians always show dream to Pakistani people about kashmir with their one and only slogan “Kashmir Banega Pakistan.”

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