Watch: After Taking One Injection, Pakistani Pm Imran Khan Sees Nurses As Hoors

A video of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has gone viral on social media and it is being shared widely by social media users.

A Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared the video on twitter and wrote, “One injection is all it takes for the PM to see nurses as hoors.” 

While Speaking at an event in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Badi mujhe takleef ho rahi thi, kyunki mere peeth ki haddiyan toot gayi. Ab mein bada takleef mein tha, toh isne; doctor Asif ne, mujhe nahi pata mujhe konsa inection lagaya. Wo inection aisa lagaya, ki mujhe taklif bhi khatam ho gayi, duniya badal gayi. Wo jo nurses thi mujhe hoorein nazar aani shuru ho gayi. Toh mein soch raha hun kuch problem hi nahi hai mujhe

(I was in a lot of pain, because of bones in my back were broken. Now I was in a lot of pain, so doctor Asif, I don’t know what injection he gave me. But my pain was gone, the whole world changed around me. In fact, the nurses around me started looking like Hoors).

Social media users trolled Imran Khan for saying that one injection turned the nurses into hoors for him.

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