Watch: Five IAF Rafales Take Off For India

Five Rafale fighter jets today took off from France to join the Indian Air Force fleet. Seven Indian pilots are flying these five fighter jets to Ambala Airbase. It is being told that the five fighter plane will stop at the Al Dhafra Airbase of United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 28 July while coming to India from France.

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The Rafale aircraft will cover a distance of nearly 7,000 km from France to India with air-to-air refuelling and a single stop at French airbase of Al Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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The responsibility of the Al Dhafra airbase rests with the France Airforce. Here, checking and fuel filling of Rafale planes will be done. After this, the five Rafale aircraft will reach India on the morning of 29 July. 

On 29 July, Rafale will be deployed in Indian Air Force at Ambala airbase. India has made a deal to buy 36 Rafale aircraft from France, out of which five aircraft are being delivered.

Rafale aircraft will be equipped with missiles only after reaching Ambala airbase. This includes Scalp, Meteor and Hammer missiles. Rafale’s first squadron will be located in Ambala, while the second will be in Hashimara, West Bengal.

While flagging off five Rafale aircraft, the Indian Embassy in France said that the new Rafale aircraft will increase the combat capability of the Indian Air Force. India will benefit from this strategically. Today five Rafale aircraft have left from France to join the Indian fleet.

With the arrival of Rafale, there is definitely going to be an unprecedented increase in the strength of the Indian Air Force. Missiles can be launched easily over long distances from Rafale. This fighter jet will prove to be the most effective in air strikes. The Indian Air Force has ordered a total of 36 Rafale to come, which is expected to be met in the next two years.

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