Watch: Indian Army Deploys T-90 & T-72 Tanks Near LAC

Indian Army has deployed T-90 & T-72 tanks along with BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles near Line of Actual Control in Chumar-Demchok area in Eastern Ladakh.

These vehicles can operate at temperatures up to minus 40 degree Celsius. Indian Army uses 3 types of different fuels to ensure that it does not freeze during the harsh winters.

Watch the video:

“Fire & Fury Corps of Indian Army is the only formation in world to have actually deployed mechanised forces in such harsh terrain. Maintenance of tanks, infantry combat vehicles & heavy guns is a challenge in this terrain. Indian Army has made adequate arrangements for both man & machine to ensure crew and equipment readiness,” Maj Gen Arvind Kapoor, Chief of Staff,14 Corps said to ANI news agency.

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