WATCH: Trials Of Dhruvastra, India’s Anti-Tank Guided Missile, Test-Fired Successfully In Odisha

The army of the country is constantly being strengthened under the Make in India campaign. Another Made in India Anti-tank guided missile ‘Dhruvastra’ were successfully test-fired at the Interim Test Range (ITR) in Odisha.

It was tested in Balasore, Odisha on July 15-16, after which it will now be handed over to the Army. It will be used with the Dhruv helicopter of the Indian Army.

This test has just been done has been done without a helicopter. Earlier the name of this missile was Nag Missile (HELINA), which has now been changed to Dhruvastra.

This missile is indigenous and has a range of 4 km. It can destroy any tank. Dhruv chopper is also a fully indigenous helicopter. In such a situation, it is considered a big achievement for DRDO and Army because now there will be no dependence on other countries for such missiles.

According to Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Dhruvastra is a third-generation ‘stain and forget’ anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system, which is installed on a modern light helicopter.

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