We Don’t Want To Evacuate Just Copying Few Other Countries: Pakistani State Minister Of Health

Pakistan has again refused to evacuate Pakistani citizens from Coronavirus hit Wuhan, China. Pakistani State Minister of health Zafar Mirza said, “We don’t want to evacuate just copying few other countries.”

Zafar Mirza said, “To the families of the Pakistani students in China : we fully understand your anxiety. Rest assured that we are working very hard to ensure their safety & well being. And we are very closely monitoring the situation.

Pakistani state minister of Health further said, “We want to act responsibly in order not to become a reason for the global spread of Coronarivus. WHO currently does not recommend evacuation. Our own risk assessment, WHO’s stance & China’s effective outbreak response r the reasons for our current decision at present time.

He further totally denied to evacuate the Pakistani citizens from china and said, “We don’t want to evacuate just copying few other countries. Around 100 other countries are not evacuating their citizens from Wuhan/China. Good public health practice, larger interest of our people and safety of the world are our key considerations.

Many Pakistani students who have stranded in China reacted on this tweet of Pakistani minister of Health.

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi also said that Pakistani students should not be evacuated from the virus-hit Wuhan city because Pakistani medical facilities do not meet the standards required to treat a patient diagnosed with coronavirus.

A hopeless Pakistani student in China said, “we know our government is not that capable.. We demand nothing but some concern

“Pakistani government is lying about ground situation in Wuhan,” A Pakistani student said.

A Pakistani student said, “Previously I used to say proud to be Pakistani but now I have been forced to say ashamed of being Pakistani.”

“It’s better to shift students from wuhan to another place in China, and if our govt is very poor and can’t do anything just request chinese govt to do their screening for 15 days and then let them go to Pakistan,” said a Pakistani student.

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