We want freedom from Pakistan and its Army: Amber Khan, Ex Provincial Minister of Sindh in Houston

There was a time when we only heard about the freedom of Kashmir all over the world but now the situation has changed with the time. Now Freedom of Balochistan, PoK, Sindh are being heard across the world. Freedom of kashmir has been replaced by freedom of Balochistan, PoK, Sindh and it is only because of India’s strong diplomacy and Political will power in last few years.

Now We are hearing freedom of Balochistan, PoK, Sindh from Pakistan and its Army and it is the heated topic nowadays. Yesterday, Pm Modi gave the historical speech in Houston with USA President Donald Trump.

People of Balochistan, PoK, Sindh province of Pakistan were asking to Pm Modi outside the NRG stadium to free them from Pakistan and its Army. An Ex Provincial Minister of Sindh Mrs. Amber Khan, requested Prime Minister Modi to help the people of Sindh. She said, “Modiji, Pakistan has become dangerous, please save us from Pakistan and its Army.”

She said, “Earlier we were the part of India and our ancestors belong to India. Pakistani Army will dance for those who gave them money. Their main job is to dance. They belong to dancer communities. China threw money, Pakistani Army started barking for China. Everything in Pakistan was sold out to China especially Karachi. Our leader main aim is to make a separate Punjab state from Pakistan.”

Mrs Amber Khan belongs to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, previously known as Muhajir Qaumi Movement. It is a secular party of Pakistan which was founded by Altaf Hussain in 1984.

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