West Bengal Police wears Central Armed Forces dress

Public caught the West Bengal Police wearing Central Armed Forces dress while going to election duty in Nadia District of West Bengal. A video is coming from west bengal where 4th phase Loksabha election voting is going to take place on 29th April. In That video, Public of west bengal caught the west bengal police wearing the Central Armed forces Dress.

Here is the Video:

Translation of video:

  • Public: Brother, Are you from Central Armed forces?
  • Man with Dress: No, Dresses are wet thats why i am wearing this dress.
  • Public: Are You from State Police?
  • Man with Dress: Yes
  • Public: What’s your Name?
  • Man with Dress: I can’t tell you, ask from others

The reason behind this situation of west bengal is that West bengal people have lost their faith in state police and they don’t trust state police anymore. Public of West Bengal don’t want west bengal police in election duty. According to People of West Bengal, west bengal police is working for TMC Party and Police helps goons to caste false votes in west bengal thats why west bengal police are wearing Armed forces dress so that people can rely on them.

Opposition party of west bengal said, “By wearing the uniform of the Central Forces, Mamta Banerjee is sending the Bengal Police to the electoral duty . This is a very serious matter. Mamta Banerjee is adopting various gimmick to go to any level to save her land. “

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