What are the features of Rafale Aircraft? Know everything about it

India; Traditionally, the strength of its air force has been increasing with fighter aircraft bought from Russia (MiG-27, MiG-27, MiG-35). But now India has made a deal to buy the modern Rafale aircraft built in France by changing this practice. In order to strengthen its air force, India had issued tenders for multirole(MMRCA) new combat aircraft in 2007, including the US F-16, FA-18, Russia’s MiG-35, Sweden’s Gripin, French Rafale and European Group The Eurofighter Typhoon had offered the claim.

On April 27, 2011, in the last race of the tests, Eurofighter and Rafale were found to be favorable to Indian conditions and, finally, on January 31, 2012, due to the best bid and field trials, the tender Rafale was given the best results of Indian conditions and standards. .

India; It is ready to pay a huge amount to buy this jet. Although the exact price of this plane is in dispute, it is difficult to tell the correct price here.

But the ego question is that what is the specialty of this plane that India is so eager to buy it. Let’s know in this article what features of this plane are:

This aircraft is unmatched in technical

Rafale Fighter Aircraft is a multirole fighter aircraft that makes the company Dassault Aviation of France . The first aircraft of the Rafale-A class took off on July 4, 1986, while the Rafale-C class took flight on May 19, 1991. From 1986 to 2018, 165 units of this aircraft have been built . Rafale A, B, C and M categories are available in one seat and double seat and double engine.

Rafale can attack in Air to air, air to ground, being capable of attacking atom, can attack air missiles in air by flying at very low altitude . Not only this, the aircraft has oxygen generation system and does not need to be filled with liquid oxygen. This aircraft searches for the position of enemy in Real Time by making 3D mapping with an electronic scanning radar .

Apart from this, it can be able to  attack in every weather and it can detect the danger of long-distance in every weather.

Other features of the Rafael Airplane are as follows

1. It is capable of flying from 36 thousand feet to 50 thousand feet . Not only this, it reaches 50 thousand feet in 1 minute.

2 . This Can cover the range of 3700 km .

3 . Its speed is 1920 kmph.

4 . It is capable of flying from a very small runway of 1312 feet.

5. It has the capacity to carry 15,590 gallons of fuel

6. Rafale is able to carry air-to-air missile missiles.

7. Rafale can fly up to 2,000 nautical miles at a time.

8. Rafale is 0.82 feet higher than the US F-16.

9. Rafale is 0.79 feet more than the US F-16.

10. Its wings length is 10.90 meters, the height of the jet is 5.30 meters and its length is 15.30 meters.

India now needs a fifth generation aircraft because almost all the countries of the world have advanced fighter aircraft. Even Pakistan has purchased F-16 from advanced generation aircraft from US and  JF-17 from China, and in this way, India can no longer rely on old technical aircraft.

It is a matter of concern that India had bought a fighter aircraft for the last time as Sukhoi-30 in 1996.Therefore, India has to add new generation planes soon to the Air Force. This is the reason that India needs a desperate need of a state-of-the-art Fighter aircraft like Rafale.

Figures above show that the Rafale Aircraft is a very good fighter jet and if India has to balance the power in South Asia, then it will have to overcome all the obstacles in the purchase of this aircraft as soon as possible.

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