What is Ayushman Bharat Scheme, which will give you free Rs 5 lakh treatment anywhere in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojana(MODI CARE) at Prabhat Tara Maidan in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi on September 23. The government claims that it is the world’s largest healthcare scheme, which will help up to 50 crores people up to five lakh rupees for free treatment in government and private hospitals. This plan will be implemented effectively from September 25.

Lets know about this scheme in details and how can you get benefit from this scheme:

1. What is Ayushman Bharat – Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana(MODI CARE)

Ayushman Bharat – Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojana is the central government’s plans. Under Ayushmann Bharat, the government will develop 1.5 lakhs primary health centers across the country as a health and wellness center. These will be digitally linked to the district hospital. From these centers, from check up to treatment and medicines will be provided. Ayushman is an important part of India’s Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojana, under which 10.74 crores households will be given a cover of Rs 5 lakh annually free for health services. That is, if any member of these families is in need of treatment, then the government will be able to spend up to Rs 5 lakh in a year and it will be free.

2. Why is this plan needed?

According to NITI Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant and CEO of Ayushman Bharat Dr Indu Bhushan, the Indian government spends 1.13% of its GDP on annual health, which is less than the other developing countries. China imposes 2.45% of its GDP and Thailand 2.90% on health services. Due to costly treatment, nearly 66 lakhs of Indian families are in the poor category every year. 24.9% of the rural and 18.2% of the urban take money from other peopl (Mahajan) to get their treatment. 17.3% of Indians spend 10% of their budget in the treatment.

These are government figures. According to the government, Govt needed a health plan that would give financial help to the people. Also, poor people can get treatment like rich. The central government has given a budget of Rs 10 thousand crores for the scheme from the budget of 2018-19. The Central Government will impose 60% of the total expenditure on the scheme and 40% of the State Governments will have to spend.

3. So what did the government do for it

The government brought the Prime Minister Jan Swasthya Yojana. About 10.34 crore households i.e about 500 million people have been included. If there is a disease in any of these families, there is a need for a treatment, an operation is needed, a need for medicines, hospitalization needs to be done, then it will get help from the government up to Rs 5 lakhs. According to the plan, Govt will do the treatment upto 5 lakhs freely from 3 days before hospitalization to till 15 days after after hospitalization . If a person is already suffering from any disease, then he will also get the benefit of the plan.

4. Who will get the benefit of this scheme

The poor, the deprived rural families and the urban laboring families will benefit from this scheme. Based on the census data, only 8.03% of rural and 2.33% of urban households have been included in this till now. Families have been selected on the basis of census data. People have been selected on 7 scales in villages and 11 cities have been selected in cities. These people include garbage collectors, beggars, domestic helpers, rehearsals, cobbler, hawkers, laborers, plumber, masons, painters, welders, security guards, porter and cleaners. Those who are taking advantage of the National Health Insurance Scheme can also take advantage of this new scheme.

5. How to know if our name is chosen by the government or not

There is no obligation of family members or their age in this plan. Anyone who was poor in the 2011 census would come under this scheme, but after 2011 people who came in the category of poor have not been included in this. As the government is claiming that cashless and paperless treatment will be available.

There are three ways to know if your name is in Ayushman Bharat or not. The first way is the website of the scheme, whose name is mera.pmjay.gov.in. You will find a box of ‘PM Jan Arogya Yojana’ on the homepage of this website. In this you have to enter the phone number. OTP will come in your phone, by putting it on the website, you can know whether your name is in the list or not.

The second option is toll free phone number. You can call on 14555 to know if their name is in plan or not. At this number, some information will be asked from you, which will tell you your eligibility. Third way is Listed Hospital. All government and private hospitals are connected to Ayushman Bharat, ‘Arogya Mitra’ have been kept there. You can meet them to find out if your name is in plan or not.

6. How ‘Arogya Mitra’ Will Help You?

‘Arogya Mitra’ can ask for documents like ration cards, drivering license or Aadhar card. After being identified, if your name is in the plan, you will be given an e-card. Through this card, you can get treatment of up to Rs 5 lakhs at any time. The e-card will have your photo and name in forward and the address will be written in back. Once you get an e-card, you will not need to show any other document for treatment. As the Prime Minister said, ‘You do not need any registration. E-card is plenty. There will be all the information in it and there is no need to fall into any paperwork. ‘

The Prime Minister also said that there are three lakh Common Service Centers across the country, from where you can get this information. Apart from the Prime Minister’s ‘Arogya Mitra’ posted in the hospital, you can also get help from Asha and ANM sisters working in the village.

7. Which and how many hospitals will get treatment under the scheme?

The Central Government has given all the State Governments permission to implement this scheme in their respective areas according to their convenience. So, some states like West Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, Kerala, Telangana and Orissa have not implemented this. But 29 of the country’s 36 states & union- territories have agreed to implement these plans. Starting from 445 districts, 13,000 hospitals have been included in this scheme. PM Modi said that those hospitals who will provide good services will get government help. If your state has not implemented the plan so far, then you can take advantage of it in another state too. Apart from starting 13 thousand hospitals, the Government aims to build four lakhs health and wellness centers in the next four years, which will include screening, treatment and medicines.

8. Which diseases will be treated?

The government has said that under this scheme there are about 1300 packages, including cancer surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, bypass surgery, neuro surgery, spinal surgery, dental surgery, eye surgery and tests like MRI and CT scan. .

Success rate:

In just 10 days of launch , Ayushman Bharat has set some new Records.

  • Claims submitted – 23299
  • Claims Approved – 23287
  • Total claim – 38 Cr
  • Number of Hospital covered – 32814
  • 31 States & UT covered

ayushman Bharat success rate

Here is the some beneficiary of Ayushman Bharat Scheme who got  free health treatment upto Rs. 5 lakhs.

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