What is COMCASA? know everything about it

India-US Sign COMCASA(Communications Compatibility And Security Agreement) During Inaugural 2+2 Dialogue. India Will Now Get Military Critical & Encrypted Defence Technologies From US. It’ll Allow India To Get Real-time US Intelligence On Military Deployments By Pakistan & China.

COMCASA allows India and why it is so important for India?

  1. The Comcasa provides India to Access To US Data Link, Most Secure Communication Platform
  2. This equipment is largely used for ground-to-air communication, on installed US-origin military aircraft, to enable best battle situation awareness.
  3. Access To US Intelligence Database, Including Real-time Imagery
  4. COMCASA will effectively mean America will share the real-time American intelligence on military deployments by China and Pakistan to India so now, No More Kargil & Doklam like problem will occur because India will know the position of enemy by Real-time Imagery of US intelligence.
  5. India To Buy US Armed Drones That Can Track And Bomb Enemies
  6. The Comcasa will allow both sides to operate on the same communication systems, enabling an “interoperable” environment for militaries.
  7. COMCASA will also help India obtain the armed version of the Sea Guardian drones. The US could not part with the weapon systems on the drone without COMCASA which will now allow installation of data and communication systems.

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