What is the full form of ARMY … .99 percent people don’t know the answer

In the Indian Army, you must have heard many things. You will know a lot about the Indian Army, but have you ever thought of the Indian Army’s Army word? Yes, a name that gets heard in our own hearts when we hear it, and the sense of devotion in the country wakes up. It is not that only this happens with the Indian people, people of every country love their soldiers in their country. The youth of India has the fascination for the army that our country’s army is the world’s second largest army today.

Our Indian Army is also involved in the world’s leading armies. Even if you are interested in the Army But you may not even know the answer to this question. What is the full form of that word which gets the communication of a new passion through the word of the army? After all, what is the full form of Army ? Where do these words come from and which language does belong to this Army word? These questions can be found in any government examination question paper. Let’s know about the mystery of this word.

There are many countries in this world and every country has its own army, which we call army in English. The word Army is derived from the Latin word Armata, which means Armed Force. Every country has its own army, which is an organized military force. These soldiers fight on the ground to protect their country. In many countries, the army is also officially called a land army.

You will be proud to know that the world’s second largest army is in our country, India. China has the largest army in the world. Do you know that Army has full name too? Yes Yes, the full name of the army is Alert Regular Mobility Young.

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