What ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan had promised PM Modi & APJ Abdul kalam?

The Supreme Court Friday held that former ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan was “arrested unnecessarily, harassed and subjected to mental cruelty” in a 1994 espionage case and ordered a probe into the role of Kerala police officers.

Finally, 14th sept, 2018, the Supreme Court through the bench of Dipak Misra awarded a compensation of 50 lakhs to Nambi Narayan, to be recovered from the police officers who had framed him falsely and tortured him. Misra said, that “Even if those police officers have to sell their house, we’re not concerned”. Fact remains It took 20 Years to Deliver Justice.

There is some relation between S. Nambi Narayan case and Narendra modi. In 2014, Narendra Modi(at that time Gujarat Cm) Conducted a rally in Kerala and during that time Modi visited scientist Nambi Narayan and assured him help and today he got the Justice. Nambi Narayan also wrote in his book:

“During the last leg of his 2014 election campaign, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi sent word that he would like to meet me when he would be in Thiruvananthapuram. I obliged. I thought Modi would ask me about R.B. Sreekumar, the former Gujarat DGP who both Modi and I had (different) reasons to hate. Sreekumar, who took on Modi on Godhra, was earlier part of the IB leadership that cooked up the ISRO spy story. But Modi asked not a word about him.

He sympathised with me over the fact that even after the CBI and the Supreme Court had called the espionage case fake, I had been fighting for compensation for 15 years. He wanted to know more about the case that tried to halt India’s march in space. After trying to explain the web of multiple conspiracies hatched by some politicians and police officers in Kerala along with the IB, I told him I was writing a book on it.

“I will meet you in Delhi and present the book,” I said. Modi soon moved to Delhi as the PM. Now I am ready to keep my promise.”

file pic of S. nambi narayan arrested by police
file pic of S. nambi narayan arrested by police

Nambi Narayan also wrote about former president APJ Abdul kalam in his book:

“A year after he became the President of India, my ISRO senior colleague A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was sad that I was still fighting cases for compensation and action against the officers who implicated me in the case. “Stop this battle,” he told me. “Those who deserve punishment will get it in God’s court.” I told him I had leading lawyers in the Supreme Court who argued my case without demanding fees. “In God’s court, I am not sure who would argue for me.”

Later, when we were writing Ready to Fire, I told Kalam that the book would include an episode where I saved his life from an explosion during a lab experiment. He was dispassionate about it. I added that it would also have some episodes that may be unflattering of him, especially where it dealt with the solid vs liquid propulsion systems (Kalam worked on solid, I was a votary of liquid). Kalam smiled and said, “That’s the truth, go ahead and write…I will do the foreword for your book.” The great man didn’t live to read my tale, and so we decided to edit out certain portions about Kalam that only he would have approved of.”

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