When Protesters refuse to leave, DCP sings National Anthem with them then Protesters stop their protest

On Thursday, there were a protests on street in the name of citizenship law in India. The government argues that nobody’s citizenship is being taken away, yet the atmosphere is being spoiled by spreading rumours. This is the reason that on Thursday, protesters protested from Delhi to Darbhanga and from Lucknow to Mumbai.

Protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have also taken place in Karnataka. On Thursday, protest against this law was also held in many other cities besides the capital Bangalore. 

During a protest against the citizenship law in Bengaluru, a very heart touching moment was seen. During the ongoing protests at the Bengaluru Town Hall, when the protesters refused to vacate the place. So Bangalore (Central) DCP Chetan Singh Rathore did something that all the protesters went quietly from there.

Bengaluru central DCP, Chetan Singh Rathore took the Mike in his hands and appealed to the protesters to leave but Protesters refused to leave. After this Chetan Singh Rathore sings national anthem along with protesters present at the Town Hall in Bengaluru when they were refusing to vacate the place. Protesters left peacefully after the national anthem was sung.

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