Which is more Powerful? comparison between Indian & Pakistan

The entire country is in anger because of the martyrdom of 40 Reserve Police Force personnel of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Someone lost their brother, someone lost their husband, someone lost their son. Now every Indian is demanding revenge from Pakistan, who is giving refuge to terrorism. Pakistan has also increased its military activity on the border. But the truth is that Pakistan is completely lagged behind the Indian military power.

Global Fire Power, an international agency that assesses the military capability of more than 100 countries in the world. According to the 2018 Global Fire Power Index, Pakistan does not even stay around India from military equipment and ammunition to fighters.


According to the 2018 index of Global Fire Power, India is the fourth strongest country in terms of military capability. The first place is America, Russia on the second and China on the third. If you talk about Pakistan, then it is ranked 17th in this index. It is clear that Pakistan is far behind India.


According to 2018 Global Fire Power report, India has 42.07 lakh (42,07,250) military forces. There are 13.62 lakh (13,62,500) active soldiers. India has reserve military force of 28 lakh (28,44,750) while Pakistan has a total military force of just 9 lakh (9, 19,000). There are 6 lakhs (637,000) active soldiers in it. At the same time, Pakistan has reserve military force 2.82 lakh (2,82,000).

Air Force

According to Global Fire power report, India has more aircraft than Pakistan. India has 2,185 total planes. The number of fighter planes in this is 590. At the same time, the number of warships is 804. Simultaneously, 708 aircraft and 251 trained people are in the fleet of IAF. The IAF has a total of 720 helicopters. Among them are 15 fighter helicopters.

Pakistan has only 1,281 aircraft. These include 320 fighter, 410 warriors, 296 transport and 486 trainer aircraft. Along with this, Pakistan has 328 helicopters.


According to Global Fire Power report, The Indian Navy has a total of 295 ships and submarines. These include 1 carrier warship. Its name is INS Vikramaditya. 36 fighter aircraft can fly in the ocean and can descend from this warship. Apart from this, the Indian Navy has 14 small and fast warships. There are 11 destroyers warships, 22 small warships (Corvettes), 139 patrol ships and 4 warships to deal with land mines. Apart from this, India has 16 submarines. India also has a nuclear submarine named INS Arihant. From this, nuclear missiles can be torn from under sea.

According to Global Fire Power, Pakistan has a total of 197 warships, submarines, patrol ships. According to the available data, there are 10 small and fast battleships (frigate) and 5 submarines and 3 warships that detect landmines. Pakistan does not have a single destroyer warship and aircraft carrier.


The Indian Army has more war tanks and guns than Pakistan. This number is almost double. The Indian Army has 4,426 battle tanks. 3,147 armored fighters are also with the Indian Army. The army has 190 automatic cannons. There are 4,158 artillery (towed artillery) that can be taken anywhere in India. Apart from this, India has 266 rocket projectors for rocket firing.

While Pakistan has about half the war tanks from India. Their number is 2,182. Pakistan has 2,604 armored fighters, 307 automatic guns, 1,240 cannon-carrying guns and 144 rocket projectors.

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