Why does MS dhoni use ‘Balidan’ patch of Indian Army ?

Team India won their first match against South Africa in World Cup 2019 but Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wicketkeeping gloves is being discussed more than Team India’s victory on social media. In the match played in Southampton, ‘Balidan’ patch was seen on the wicketkeeping gloves of Indian wicketkeeper MS Dhoni, and after that the photo became viral on social media and the people discussed the most about it. Dhoni used to wear greenish wicketkeeping gloves. ‘Balidan’ patch of Indian PARA Special forces on his gloves which is known as ‘sacrifice’.

Why the ‘Balidan Badge’ is so special ?

Team India’s wicketkeeper MS Dhoni honored the Para Special Force by putting the mark of the ‘Balidan badge’ on wicketkeeping gloves. Not everybody can use this mark. This only applies to para commandos. This is the special operation unit of the Indian Army. It was the Para Special Force which had entered into Pakistan in 2016 and had done surgical strike.

MS Dhoni has completed the Jump of Para troopers

In 2011, Dhoni was given the rank of honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the Army as he is a youth icon and the Army wanted to attract youngsters. He is the second cricketer to receive this honor. Kapil dev has received this honor before this. Ms Dhoni belongs to the Parachute Regiment of the Army and he has also taken the training in the firing of weapons and other activities in the Indian Army.

But MS Dhoni wanted to be a part of PARA Special Forces of Indian Army so he wrote to the Army saying he wanted to become a true paratrooper by carrying out the essential jumps. After this MS Dhoni took training in paratrooping. He also did Para Basic Course in Agra in 2015 and carried out five jumps to qualify as a paratrooper. The fifth jump was from an AN-32 transport aircraft at a height of 1,250 feet.

MS Dhoni had earlier honored the army on several occasions. Here is the some earlier pictures of MS dhoni with Balidan Patch.

MS Dhoni wears cap with BALIDAN patch.

Source: Twitter/cricprabhu

MS Dhoni uses ‘Balidan’ symbol on his bag.

MS Dhoni uses BALIDAN patch on his mobile’s cover.

MS Dhoni wears Maroon cap. Only Para troopers of Indian Army can wear Maroon caps.

When MS dhoni was awarded with Padma Bhushan award then he had worn his Indian Army’s regiment dress with Maroon cap.

He had handed Army caps to his teammates during an ODI match against Australia in Ranchi in March as a tribute to the CRPF personnel who were killed in the Pulwama suicide attack on 14 February.

Parachute Symbol on MS Dhoni’s chest says that He completed the para Jump of special forces.

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