“Will Continue To Strike Them With No Mercy” Israeli PM Netanyahu On Strikes Against Islamic Jihad Group

On Tuesday, Israel attacked the Gaza Strip via Air-Strikes and targeted the ambushed Islamic Jihadist commanders. In this airstrike, Militant Baha-Abu- Al-Ata was killed in the northern part of Gaza Strip. Immediately after the attack in the Gaza Strip, attacks were made on Israel by Gaza.

According to Israel Defence Forces, More than 360 rockets have been fired at Israel since yesterday morning by Islamic Jihad group of Gaza.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Israel Defence forces will continue to strike Gaza’s Islamic Jihad group if rocket fire towards Israel continues.

“We are continuing to hit Islamic Jihad after eliminating its senior commander,” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during a special cabinet meeting.

According to news sources, Israel killed more than 22 Islamic Jihadis and more than 50 were injured in Gaza since Tuesday (12 November). Meanwhile No death was reported in Israel and Only two Israeli citizens have been injured by Gaza rocket attacks.

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