Will try to establish link with Vikram Lander for next 14 days: ISRO chief Sivan

ISRO chairman K Sivan said that ISRO would try to establish connection with Vikram lander for next 14 days.

K Sivan said, ” Last portion of Chandrayaan 2 mission was not executed successfully. In the last minutes of mission, we lost the communication link with Vikram lander and couldn’t establish communication further. We will try to establish link with Vikram lander for next 14 days.”

K sivan further said, ”we were close to 100% success but in the last minutes we lost the communication. Since Chandrayaan 2 orbiter has been already established and it is already revolving around the Moon’s orbit. It has extra fuel in it and its life is estimated to be 7.5 years.”

According to statement of ISRO, Chandrayaan 2 missing was 95% successful. The orbiter will send high resolution images of the Moon and it will help to understand the Moon’s evolution, mapping of minerals and water in its polar region.

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